Monday, June 6, 2011

Car Trouble!

OK, I am going to insist that anyone reading this immediately remove the following items from your car if they are in there . . . and if they are - you seriously need to rethink how you are living your life.

- Beanie Babies and other stuffed friends in the back window
- Fake flowers (yes, spotted on the grill of a car as well as in the back window)
- Anything hanging from your antennae 
- Seat covers, steering wheel covers and yes - seat belt covers, spotted for the first time today

That's right - this entire post is prompted by my first sighting of a set of leopard print seat-belt-strap-covers stretching across the chests of an 80 year old couple in the car behind me today.  I have to believe the guy was being held hostage by these stupid things and probably hates 'em too, but still - there he sat. I bet he'd rather get in a fatal accident than have one of his bingo buddies see him wearing that damn thing and quite frankly, so would I!

Listen, it simply is not fashionable to decorate your car in anything, nothing at all.  Wash it, vacuum it, fill it up with gas and get on the road.  Oh, and do not even get me started on the soda cans, paperwork, clothes and other debris I saw floating around the car I parked next to today.  Cars doubling as another room in the house - I CAN'T EVEN BE BOTHERED getting into that right now.  It should carry at least the same weight as a DWI.  

Call me.  I will have the front, back and trunk cleared out and vacuumed in less than 15 minutes - guaranteed!


  1. My favorite cars to spot are "hoarder" cars. I have embarrassed my poor husband by pointing them out in public in my oh so low of a voice. But hey, if you have a hoarder car, you are looking for me to call you out on it!

  2. I did use a seat belt cover in a car that had a rough seat belt strap. I was tired of it messing up my shirts and sweaters. It actually cut down on the wrinkling...
    Just an observation.