Friday, May 4, 2012


Yes, we all know that crack, the street name given to cocaine that can be smoked, is often produced/bought/sold/used in old, burnt-out abandoned buildings commonly called CRACK HOUSES. These houses and the people who inhabit them are a real threat to our communities and society as a whole, but . . . 


Clearly, this crack house is falling down and needs to be condemned.  

So, following is a list of the Top 10 reasons exposed butt crack is completely unacceptable and why we CAN’T BE BOTHERED experiencing this in a civilized society.
#10 It’s gross.
#9 You must feel the draft, so there is no excuse not to pull your frigaroni pants up!
#8 If we can see your ass-crack-of-dawn, your underwear are either: 
        (a) also too low
        (b) not being worn
       (c) choices a and b are both gross and so are you.
#7 Since we were little girls and boys we were told: 
        “Don’t step on the crack, you’ll break your mother’s back.”  
         Someone could definitely step on this.  Yuck.
#6 If I saw this on the sidewalk while I was diving I would totally stare 
        and that could cause a serious multi-car accident 
        (which still wouldn’t even be worse than this display), all because you 
        CAN’T BE BOTHERED wearing clothes that fit.
#5 Don’t even get me started on how short that darn sweater is too. 
#4 Oh look at this - another one. 
       The offensive crack shown here just doesn’t have the issue from #8 because 
       her panty line is actually HIGHER (omg!) than her pants!  
       The term underwear begins with the word UNDER for a reason, just FYI.

#3 Very few things with cracks in them look good and your ass is not 
         in the short list of “Things that Look Good with Cracks in Them!”
#2 Do you know that things can easily slip into cracks?  Ya, well think about it.

#1 . . . And the number one reason we CANNOT BE BOTHERED 
        with exposed butt crack:
Not only is it cracked - there’s a hole in it too!  
      Trust us, your ass looks better IN the jeans!