Thursday, September 8, 2011


I jokingly complain a lot about frizzy hair and other imperfections and probably always will.  The truth is though - some days it is not so funny.  Some days we really feel like no matter what we do we can't quite look good enough and today was one of those days for me.  Today was an "Oh my hair is freakin frizzy and hmmm, is that a few more fine lines I see on this not so glowing anymore face" kind of days.  

Then, I came home to read this (below) on my cousin Jolene's facebook page: 

In case you don't know, a majority of the ads and photos in Glamour magazine deal with botox, losing weight, wearing makeup . . . and are designed to coerce women into conforming to society's vision of femininity. However, towards the end of the magazine they have a memoir by Stephanie Nielson. Hypocritical? Or trying to be subversive? I'm not sure which...

I didn't understand, because I had not yet heard of Stephanie Nielson.  I googled her name.  This is what I found:

Stephanie, Before Plane Crash

Stephanie, After Plane Crash That
Left her Entire Face and Body Burned

So no, now I CAN'T BE BOTHERED worrying about frizzy hair and inevitable laugh lines. This girl is beautiful and so are you and so is everyone else and you damn well better go take a look in the mirror and just be grateful.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Going Back

Sometimes, do you find yourself wanting to cry sad tears not happy ones, when you see your old friends walking down the aisle or celebrating anniversaries or finding great careers or driving nice cars or building their own houses or having kids who have 5th birthday parties . . . because it painfully reminds you of how much time has passed since the days when the most important things in your lives were just - EACH OTHER - and how you will never be able to go back, but sometimes you just really, really, really want to?

Ya, me neither.  Who can be bothered with that crap?