Monday, May 9, 2011


You know my post on May 1st titled "Fat Chance?"  Well, I think I have to retract it.  That's right, its possible that I will have to allow the government to regulate, among other food related issues, where fast food restaurants can advertise and conduct business.  Ya know why?  Because I found myself making this statement over the weekend:

"The government should regulate the ability to have babies.  You should have to show proof of being fit and if you're not - they sterilize you!  Oh, and one strike you're out too.  If you seemed fit but then you abused your child, no more soup for you!"

That's right I said it, and it wasn't the first time either.  Its just the first time I declared support for government regulations so soon after throwing a fit over them and namely, the fact that Americans are constantly dodging personal responsibility and this fast food issue is one more symptom of a much larger problem.  Oh, so let me get this straight.  I want the government to leave our food alone and let us take responsibility for our own fat asses, but I'm in favor of policy makers determining eligibility to procreate and then zapping testicles and ovaries with pesticides if we are proven unfit? 

Uh, yes, I mean no.  Yes.

So, here's the thing: Can you be in favor of government regulation and/or a lack of individual choice/responsibility in one area (IE: sterilization) and opposed to it in another (IE: fast food)?  I don't know if you can, but I hope so.  Otherwise, it seems like I make contradictions and I need to rethink my political and social views.

FYI: I was rethinking the fast food regulation even before the above statement about parenting, but this just compounded it.  Oh and let me tell you some of the conversations I had and news I've listened to in the last week+ that cause such a bold statement as sterilization, which is only half a joke. 

A 2 year old child was made to walk with a backpack filled with twice his weight as punishment for something I didn't catch, and when he fell - was kicked repeatedly.

A 3 year old was placed in a bathtub filled with scalding water because she messed her pants and now has whatever degree burns are the worst - on 40% of her body.

Cigarette burns on a child's feet . . .

I had more but I am going to stop here because my stomach and my heart can't write anymore words like these, which should be enough anyway.  There are worse atrocities done to children at the hands of their parents and I'm wondering: Should parenting be a right or a privilege? 

So - either I don't have a firm stance on how I feel about government control in our daily lives, or maybe your stance can vary depending on the issue.  Lets hope for the latter because otherwise I can't be in favor of testicle removal (is this even how you sterilize, what do i know?) and Burger King at the same time.  Hmm, maybe Burger King could fry the testicles up and serve 'em on the dollar menu (or is that McDonald's?).

Anyway, how much has government regulation really impacted MY life?

- The drinking age of 21 meant very little.  My friends and I are apparently smarter than the feds and easily got alcohol from ages 16 - 20 without a problem.  Can you say Margerie Brown, blond hair, blue eyes, 5' 2", 180 pounds from Long Island?  Well, my fake ID could.

- I don't go to playgrounds or McDonald's so it shouldn't bother me if Washington wants fast food chains away from where kids play.  I'd like to stay away from where kids play too - germs!

- Cell phones and driving?  Well in high school I almost went off the road just changing the radio station and some friends recommended I only change it at STOP signs (which they also told me were optional if white around the edges) - so since then I don't hold anything but the wheel. Oh, and I did realize they were teasing about the white edges thing - SEVERAL DAYS LATER!

- Gun control is a non-issue for me. I had my shirt on backwards for 2 hours yesterday before I realized it so I really should not have a gun in the house.

- A great many social services are paid with money earned by the rest of us!  Ooooh, don't even get me started.  Now we are on to a second reason for sterilization and . . .

I can't be bothered! 

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  1. someone told one of my high school friends about "stoptionals" too....i have no idea how long she was doing it until i told her it was not true