Friday, May 27, 2011

God's Facebook Page

Lord God
Ruler of the Universe * Lives in Heaven * From Heaven *
Married to Mary * Born on BC 00, 0000  *  Likes: Big Bangs

Lord God
Ran into Satan again today . . . total asshole.
2 billion years ago     
I hear ya LG.  Life is a mystery.  Everyone must stand alone. 

Reverend Al Sharpton
You ain't kiddin' man. He hasn't changed from way back - growin up in the ghetto 2gether.

Lord God
Movin' to a new cloud, can't wait.
2.5 billion years ago     

Ooooh, we might be neighbors.  Ho Ho Ho.

Lord God
Long day causing earthquakes and tsunamis, headin to bed, don' forget to say your prayers.
                          3 billion years ago     

Jeannette Evans Maloy
Can't be bothered!
Satan likes this

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