Monday, April 11, 2011


Welcome to "Can't Be Bothered," 3 seemingly harmless words I was introduced to many years ago by my sister and her friend, after they stole them from their gay male roommate at college.  "Can't be bothered" he would grunt - in response to any request that he just couldn't muster the attention for, and so it began for my sisters and me too . . .

"Hey, you wana go for a walk?" 

"Ugh, I can't be bothered."

"You wana go out Saturday night?"

"Nah, I can't be bothered."

"You have to break up with him, you know that don't you?"

"Ya, but I can't be bothered."

We can use this as a response for anything:
Inability: "Can't be bothered."
Avoidance: "Can't be bothered."
Laziness: "Can't be bothered."
Refusal: "Can't be bothered."
Lack of a better reason: "Can't be bothered."

. . . and thus, it kept coming to me as the perfect name for this venue, where I will talk about so much that bothers me (and a lot that doesn't too, but it's more fun to pretend it does), in an effort to make it not.

The best thing about it, so far (like 15 years), is that it seems to suffice in every situation, from those of very little importance all the way to big, life changing, really significant moments.  When we say this to each other it can make us laugh or it can really piss us off, but regardless - the point is always taken.  We just can't be bothered.

I could go on and on about this phrase and why I chose it as a title for my blog.  I could tell you how my husband of 2 years now says it constantly too and has even shortened it to "CBB."  I could tell you how I have said it to kids in my classroom, the waitress in a restaurant, the contractor remodeling our kitchen, the trainer at the gym and my therapist (obviously). 

I won't though, because . . .




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  3. When being used due to "lack of a better reason," I believe it is commonly preceded by the word "simply" - as in: "It's Friday night and you're gonna sit home alone watching Dateline again? Why don't you go do something?"..."Ugh - I simply can't be bothered."

  4. Thank you for clarifying Kbomb (sister who uses this term on a daily basis).

  5. love it!!! i just started blogging about all the funny crap the kids say at work...feel free to follow :)