Friday, April 15, 2011


Ladies, you have to hear the Rascal Flatts song: "These days."  If you have, you know you totally want some ex-boyfriend, fiance or husband out there to be the guy singin this song and if you haven't heard it, when you do - you will!

Hey baby, is that you?
Wow, your hair got so long.
Yeah, yeah, I love it, I really do . . .

. . . well, life throws you curves,
But you learned to swerve.
Me I swung and I missed
And the next thing ya know
I'm reminiscin' dreamin' old dreams
Wishing on wishes
Like you would be back again.

In the chorus, the guy goes on to say how he wakes up every day and tear drops fall and he listens to the old song they danced to and he goes to work just to get home and check to see if she's called (hmm, was this written when we still had answering machines? god, remember those things?  alas, i digress....), then dreams about her every night. 

Damn right life throws ya curves and you know those jackholes of your past (oh god, tell me they are in your past) were the biggest curves of all and sadly, there was probably more than one.  Uh oh, more than two or three?  Did all those curves make one big circle right back to YOU and did you finally get to look at yourself and say . . . you know it, say it with me:

"I can't be bothered!"

I hope so, but if you haven't - now is as a good a time as any to plant your own garden instead of waiting for some a-hole to bring you flowers.  He'll be singin this song within a year and if he isn't . . . well then, that's even more reason not to bother. 

The thing is, the greatest opportunities are usually disguised as something that looks even harder, more painful and more frightening than what we already have, than what we're already doing.  That's exactly why we don't recognize 'em. 

Talk about a curve ball.

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  1. So true! Boy did I date some winners... I think I could have a whole blog about the idiots I dated lol... thankfully i married a great guy... so glad they are all in my past... and hopefully singing this tune :)