Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Vow

So, a week ago today I read the following piece to a bride and her bridal party on the morning of her wedding, during a private Yoga session just for them!  They loved it so much they wanted copies of it and the impact on them emboldened me, causing me to read it again later that morning at another Yoga class and again at a class two days later.  In every case several people asked where I had gotten it because they wanted to find it.  One of my fellow Yoga teachers also asked for a copy so that she could read it at her own Yoga classes.  She has read it more than once, including again this morning, and every time the response is the same: I want that!

Finally I have had to admit that I wrote this.  I mean really, I guess I CAN'T BE BOTHERED trying to hide that I have a soft side and that it is an honor to write something that speaks to people, makes them want to take care of themselves.  

Now that it has gotten attention of course my instinct was to go back and edit it, find ways to make it even better.  As hard as it was for this perfectionist not to touch it, I didn't.   I left it in its raw, unedited, first draft form and am sharing here for have and to hold!

by Jeannette Maloy

I . . . take me . . . to be my own life long partner, friend and true love. 

From this day forward, I vow not to put anything before the nurturing of my own body, mind and spirit - for it is only when I care for myself that I am strong enough to nurture these things in others too. 

I promise to recognize that what I think about most is what shapes my world and give attention only to that which serves me.

I vow to remember that I am complete, I am perfect . . . because what I believe about myself is projected to everyone I meet, then back to me again. So, the stories I tell myself, about myself, will be only the ones that build me up.....fill me with joy, gratitude and love for who I am.

I promise to remember that I deserve a life of satisfaction, abundance and peace. I will not forget this and I will CREATE it!

I vow to learn from the past and then let go of it and be present so that my future can be full of beautiful, lasting and intentional moments.

I will be faithful to myself, reaching for dreams, always believing, remembering that my life is meant to be full of all that I desire and that which does not bring me joy will not be part of my journey.

I swear to laugh and cherish myself. 

I swear to grow and give myself room to breathe.

I vow to simply find happiness and to settle for nothing less, ever.

Above everything else and with my whole heart - I promise to love myself today, tomorrow . . . and for all the days of my life.

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