Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It Doesn't Fit

Have you ever  felt the joy of accidentally stumbling upon just the piece of furniture or art you'd been looking for?  You know - that one you love instantly, that you think will be just perfect for this one spot that's been empty too long?

Excitedly you pay quite a lot for it, go through a hell of a time getting it home.....then find as soon as you get it into it's new spot in your house, it doesn't fit.

Or does it?  No, no, no, it fits!  It has to.

You spend many minutes looking at it from every angle, adjusting it this way and that, trying to make it work, when deep down you know it just isn't going to. You can't give up though.

"Let me just shift it this way a bit and it will look right.  Oh wait, maybe if I....."

....and when none of that works, you actually consider putting it in a different room just so you don't have to take it back, because there is something you simply love about it.  You look around, but have to admit that it doesn't really work anywhere else either.

Alas, reluctantly, despite it's beauty and charm, you load it back into the car and return it.  The salesperson says she is so sorry it didn't work out and you say you are too.  You turn to leave, but then decide to take one more look around.  Finally, just as you are about to declare that you can't be bothered  - you see it.  This one just might work, even though it wasn't what you first had in mind.

You get it home and what do you know?  It fits.  Perfectly!

Relationships are just like this.  Simply replace the furniture in this story with a person and add on a few years instead of just one hour.

When it doesn't fit you know it, and usually - no matter how hard you try - you can't MAKE it fit.   All you can do is spend a lot of time missing out on something else.

Take it back and keep looking, because when you hang onto something that doesn't fit, you make no room for the one that does.

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